Sigma Technology Elevate

Sigma Technology Group is expanding further and announces its new subsidiary, Sigma Technology Elevate, located in Oslo. The company specializes in a comprehensive suite of IT and infrastructure services highly sought after by local technology-driven companies. Egil Svindal Fernando will lead the company as CEO.

Sigma Technology Group, one of the largest IT consulting companies in Sweden, announced the launch of a new company that will expand the company’s ability to offer consulting and IT services to the Norwegian public sector, private organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and innovative startups. Sigma Technology Group has been recognized as one of Sweden’s best managed companies by Nasdaq and Deloitte for over five consecutive years and has also been voted one of Sweden’s best employers by Universum, holding a unique position among the top five best employers for the past seven years.

Carl Vikingsson, CEO and President at Sigma Technology Group, says: “Norway’s technological landscape offers an interesting environment for Sigma and our mission for accelerated digitalization. With a population readily embracing technology, government support for innovation, and a thriving digital infrastructure, Norway serves as a perfect hub for Sigma Technology Group’s growth. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions aligns with Norway’s vision for accelerated digitalization and sustainable innovation. We look forward to contributing to this exciting technological landscape while continuing to provide excellent IT services.”

Sigma Technology Elevate is a new company operating in Oslo under the leadership of Egil Svindal Fernando. Egil has over 9 years of experience in the IT industry, with various roles ranging from management to sales and business development at companies such as Oracle in London and ATEA.

The company offers a range of services including security, network architecture, cloud development, data analysis, ERP/CRM, AI, No code/low code, operations and hybrid environments, and information technology development. An exciting new area for Sigma Technology will be the sales and management of licenses and managed services.

Egil Svindal Fernando says: “I am proud to lead Sigma Technology Elevate into this exciting new chapter. Our mission is clear: to disrupt industry norms and provide significant and measurable value to our customers. We are not just consultants; we are innovation partners. With our entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking mindset, my team is ready to take on the giants in the industry and deliver highly sought-after solutions that will redefine business.”

Egil adds: “We understand that timely delivery and exceptional quality are crucial to helping our customers stay ahead of the competition. That is why flexibility and advanced expertise are at the core of our approach. IT is an overly complex field, and comprehensive delivery will be important in the future.”

For more information, contact:

Egil Svindal Fernando, CEO at Sigma Technology Elevate, egil.fernando@sigmatechnology.com