Sigma Technology Hungary Receives Bisnode Certification

Gyorgy Nagy Agnes Konda Sigma Technology Bisnode

György Nagy, Country Manager at Sigma Technology Hungary, and Ágnes Konda, Financial Controller at Sigma Technology Hungary. Photo credit: Tamás Kovács

Sigma Technology Hungary once again received Bisnode’s AAA (triple-A) certificate. Certified since 2013, our Hungarian subsidiary has proved its eligibility for Bisnode’s most prestigious certificate by its very robust financial standing.

This year has been the sixth in a row when Sigma Technology Hungary is listed at the top of Bisnode’s company rating. The certificate can only be earned by enterprises with rock-solid financial stability and business reliability and is well-established in several countries across Europe. In the Nordic countries, Bisnode certificates carry the weight of a credit rating system.

The evaluation criteria used by Bisnode – a member of the Sweden-based Bisnode Group, Europe’s largest business, marketing, and credit information agency – are based on a proven system designed by international experts. Always looking for ways to improve, Sigma Technology first underwent Bisnode’s meticulous financial figure-crunching in 2013.

“One of our ambitions when doing business is to be transparent for our customers, and recognition of independent financial experts, such as Bisnode, is a means to reach this aim. The trust that our customers place in us is based on a solid foundation – a years-long history of credit certifications. We are proud to highlight our reliability, and prove year by year that Sigma Technology is a safe partner,” says György Nagy, Country Manager at Sigma Technology Hungary. 

For more information, please contact György Nagy, gyorgy.nagy@sigmatechnology.com.