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Since October 2020, Sigma Technology Group, a part of Dan Olofsson’s IT group Sigma, has started seven new companies focusing on digitization and software development. The main goal of heavy investments is to offer consulting services of system engineering for customers of all industries – from banking, manufacturing, consumer goods to the public sector and education and create 700 jobs within the next three years. Sigma Technology strengthens its presence in Skåne county by starting Sigma Technology Software Solutions with operations in Lund, Malmö, and Helsingborg.

Sigma actively participates in the digital revolution and meets an ever-increasing demand for technology and digital solutions development. Industry 4.0 is already here, so the need for digital and connected applications and new technologies are increasing correspondingly.

Toni Risteski, CEO of the newly started company Sigma Technology Software Solutions, has been working in the IT consulting industry for the past 15 years, mainly in the telecom industry. He sees that the need for flexible software solutions is growing now, not only in high-technology companies. For example, Sigma Technology Software Solutions cooperates with customers dealing with innovative banking solutions, mobile applications for the EdTech sector, software for connected watches, and others.

“The need for digitization has increased drastically under the current circumstances, and we see how many companies continue looking for more digital opportunities and try to adapt to the future. We are passionate about helping our customers with modern and smart solutions through our opportunity to provide skilled employees with cutting-edge expertise in system development and IT,” says Toni Risteski.

“We position ourselves as one of the foremost service providers in our customer segments and now choose to expand our business further to meet the market needs. Our method of organizing our business is a success story where we leverage the energy and drive that entails entrepreneur-driven companies. By being divided into smaller companies, we can ensure a local presence and short decision-making paths and keep our customers and employees satisfied while we grow faster,” says Carl Vikingsson, CEO of Sigma Technology Group.

Toni Risteski sees the establishment in Helsingborg as a strategic decision to find new talents for the company but also sees opportunities in cooperation with the city’s innovation-driven business community:

– Helsingborg’s business strategy aims to contribute to a strong innovation system that leads to new opportunities for transformation and growth. I am a citizen of Helsingborg, and I think it is fascinating to follow the city’s investments in innovation and growth projects, especially for technology companies and startups. We look forward to finding many new talents who will support local companies in Helsingborg with system development solutions,” adds Toni.

New unit manager Jens Svantesson will run the new office based in the Prism building in Helsingborg.

For more information, contact:

Toni Risteski, CEO, Sigma Technology Software Solutions, toni.risteski@sigmatechnology.com, +46 706 184 503.


About Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology Group, part of the Sigma Group, is a privately-owned global technology consulting company with operations in Sweden, Hungary, China, Norway, and Ukraine and global delivery to Europe, the USA, and China. Sigma Technology Group offers cutting-edge expertise in software development, product information, embedded systems design & development, and digital solutions with expert consultants, offshore delivery, and development teams.

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Sigma is owned by Danir AB and has more than 4 000 employees and a network of partners in nine countries.