Sigma Technology Opens IT Lab at Óbuda University

Levente Erős Óbuda 1

Sigma Technology Hungary has been actively cooperating with the John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics at Óbuda University for many years. In 2010, Sigma Technology Hungary became a partner of the university and started a joint course in the field of technical communication. Providing an enterprise perspective in business communication and adding some soft skills to the curriculum of tech students, the course gained success. Fruitful cooperation between Óbuda Unversity and Sigma Technology continued with the launch of other courses.

This year, our partnership went further with a fully equipped IT lab dedicated to Sigma Technology where we will now have test automation lectures.

The employees of Sigma Technology Hungary – thirteen software developers, technical writers, and managers – have prepared lectures and seminars for the students. Some of the topics to be presented this year:

  • Soft skill seminar: interview techniques, CV writing, assertive communication, presentation techniques and tips;
  • Infocommunication techniques (in English): software development and testing workflow, IT security, technical writing, Agile and design thinking methods, gamification;
  • Test automation: theoretical background to testing methods followed by TTCN3 practical knowledge.

Last autumn we launched a new, very practical, course – Test automation. This course has already become the students’ favorite.

As Levente Erős, the main lecturer of the course from Sigma Technology, says:

“A tester and a developer usually see the same software product from different points of view, but even an experienced developer can profit from being able to see their own code through a test engineer’s eyes when seeking yet hidden bugs. The Test automation course intends to give the tester’s perspective to our students, who have mainly gained development skills so far. During the course, they get some insight into the theory of testing and some practical skills that they can directly apply in the industry later on.”

Gabriella Alexi, the driver of our cooperation with the University and Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Hungary, says:

“My deep conviction is that businesses should contribute to the education process in many ways. We should discuss with academic circles what knowledge can be useful for graduates in the workplace and help build this knowledge. A fully equipped IT lab will be a fixed place for our lab lessons and a discussion stage for all parties involved in the education process.”

About Óbuda University

Óbuda University developed into a university-level institution four years ago and was the intellectual heir of former Óbuda University, which was re-established 600 years ago on August 1, 1410. As visionaries of the University put it, their general aim is to educate people, who will become important figures in the industry and economy.

About Sigma Technology

Sigma Technology is a part of Sigma Group and is a global supplier of product information, embedded and software design, and offshore development. We are experts with a passion for technology and information, and take pride in delivering quality and constantly improving our deliveries. Our philosophy is “Local Drive – Global Strength”, therefore we have offices worldwide to be close to our customers.

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