Sigma Technology reinforces the cybersecurity offer and welcomes Tobias Eriksson as a Cyber and Information Security Director

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Sigma Technology Software Solutions introduces cyber and information services and features Tobias Eriksson as a new leader for fueling customer’s cyber resiliency. The key focus will be on the vulnerability management, security awareness trainings, and managed detection and response.

Sigma Technology Software Solutions announced widening of the service range and now starts offering advanced cyber and information security services. This new offer strengthens the Group’s overall competence in cybersecurity where Sigma Technology Group has already been providing services in information security processes and cybersecurity for embedded systems.

Two goals are laid at the core of the offering: achieving cyber resiliency of the customer’s IT workloads and protecting businesses from the potential attacks. Toni Risteski, CEO at Sigma Technology Software Solutions comments: “We are striving for delivering uncompromised quality of the services, so adding cyber and information security to our main services offer is a very logical and obvious step forward. Cyber security team will work both with the assignments and consult our development team when it comes to building software solutions from scratch or refactoring activities. This approach is backed by our vision to in-build the cyber resiliency to the business of our customers and our philosophy “Stop recovering. Start anticipating and preventing”.”

Tobias Eriksson started as a Cyber and Information Security Director and Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Software Solutions. Tobias highlights the top trending services he and his team will focus on: “Besides providing the standard set of services like Endpoint Protection, Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Security, etc, we will amplify the vulnerability management, which is a very hot topic now. I also see an increased demand for Managed Detect and Response services as well as Security Awareness trainings for customers’ teams.” He continues sharing his impressions about working at Sigma Technology: “So far I have only seen positive things, exciting projects and great relations with customer. Sigma Technology is a company where, for the first time, I feel that the company and I see the same opportunities and only the sky is a limit. Looking forward to every day when I am booting up for work.

About Tobias Eriksson:

Tobias Eriksson has been working within the cyber and information security area for over 14 years. He is an industry-recognized expert holding a great variety of certifications from MCSE 2003 Security, MCITP 2008 to MCSA 2012, and became the proud winner of McAfee Nordics EDR CTF in 2019. Tobias is also known as one of the best in the Nordics regarding solutions from McAfee, and top 5 in EMEA.

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Nataly Lamkén, Chief Communication Officer at Sigma Technology Group, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com

Toni Risteski, CEO at Sigma Technology Software Solutions, toni.risteski@sigmatechnology.com

Tobias Eriksson, Cyber and Information Security Director at Sigma Technology Software Solutions, tobias.eriksson@sigmatechnology.com