Sigma Technology Scores as Second Best Employer in Sweden 2019

Sigma Technology Best Employer Universum

Liselotte Shafiee, Nataly Duyko, and Niklas Börjesson, Sigma Technology. Photo: Universum

Sigma Technology is ranked second in Sweden’s Best Employers survey. Universum, a leading job portal in Sweden, revealed the results of this year’s survey yesterday during the official event. Each year employees evaluate workplaces based on internal identity, satisfaction, and loyalty.

“In 2013, Sigma Technology made it to the list of Sweden’s Best Employers for the very first time and scored as a top 20 Best Employer. The result was very humbling at that time. The second place in Sweden’s Best Employers survey feels like a dream coming true. The recognition we get today is a sign that seven years of dedicated effort have paid off.

Our vision is to become a leading tech consulting company, where people are in focus, helping our clients innovate and our people grow. That is why we have two priorities: superior supplier value and superior employment. Receiving the silver prize from Universum means that our team identifies with our vision, values, and way of working. I believe that we managed to build a diverse and inclusive workplace, where passionate individuals create great solutions together. We are proud to say that we unite 900 people from 41 different countries.

Another important success factor for our organization is that we have a clear focus in all the areas of operations, including our sustainability and CSR involvement. This enables us to translate the goals into specific actions. As a consulting company, we put knowledge and experience as central components in our operations. That is why we decided to contribute to a better tomorrow through education and innovation. Here we feel at home and know that we can make a difference. We cooperate with 20 different higher education establishments in Sweden, Hungary, and Ukraine, and have a dedicated project in South Africa, where we sponsor schools.

We focus our sustainability work on several areas, based on the significance of economic, environmental, and social impacts as well as influence on business operations. These areas are Superior Employment, Superior Supplier Value, Community Development, University cooperation and education, Equality and Diversity, and Business Ethics and Transparency. We believe that a sustainable business is a profitable business.

Finally, this high ranking result proves that we have succeeded in creating a global company with a family spirit. It is our priority that colleagues feel included, respected, and seen.

I would like to thank all our colleagues again for their votes and the trust they put on us. Together, we are a leading team.”

Carl Vikingsson

CEO at Sigma Technology Group

For more information, please contact Carl Vikingsson at carl.vikingsson@sigmatechnology.com.

About Sweden’s Best Employers Survey

Universum, one of the most popular job portals in Sweden, publishes the ranking of Sweden’s Best Employers every year. The listing is formed by employees’ evaluation of internal identity, satisfaction, and loyalty towards their current employer.

The full list of Sweden’s Best Employers 2019: https://universumglobal.com/se/sveriges-basta-arbetsgivare-2019/