Sigma Technology’s New Sundsvall Office Takes on Growth in IT Infrastructure and Product Information

Sigma Technology Group

Sigma Technology expands its presence in Sundsvall with a new office focused on IT Infrastructure and Product Information. The global consulting company has chosen this region due to well-developed government agencies and big IT departments and aims to increase its own market share in the region and offer comprehensive services to the clients.

Sigma Technology Group, a global technology consulting company, has announced the opening of a new office in the city center of Sundsvall. Two Group’s companies will jointly operate in the region – Sigma Technology IT Infra and Sigma Technology Information. The primary focus of the expansion will be on product Information and IT Infrastructure services, with the aim of increasing market shares in corresponding areas and providing consultancy services.

Sundsvall is home to several government agencies and big IT departments, making it an ideal location for Sigma Technology to expand its services. In recognition of the city’s digitalization efforts, Sundsvall Municipality was awarded “Sveriges digitaliseringskommun” in 2022, which makes the municipality a promising place for advanced digital services. In addition, in 2023, Sundsvall Municipality set the course to improve the region’s business climate and create 5 000 new jobs. Thus, the new office in Sundsvall will allow Sigma Technology to strengthen its presence in northern Sweden, where it already has a significant client base, and contribute to the Municipality’s development mission of creating new jobs for citizens.

Richard Gustafsson, President at Sigma Technology IT Infra, expressed his enthusiasm for the new establishment: “With our new establishments in several cities in Sweden, we will grow locally by conquering more market shares. We’re excited to bring our IT Infrastructure competence to Sundsvall and provide professional consultancy services to our clients. With Sundsvall’s focus on digitalization and the city’s vibrant business environment, we see a lot of potential for growth in this region.

Johan Thornadtsson, President at Sigma Technology Information, adds: “Our strategy is to provide the best possible services to our customers, and a new office will allow us to be more accessible and responsive to their needs. The Product Information team in Sundsvall has been successfully serving local customers for several years, and the new office will bring the team even closer together. The growth in Product Information will be focused on acquiring new customers throughout the region and expanding Sigma Technology’s expertise in all areas of Product Information.

Both business areas are looking forward to welcoming new talent to the Sundsvall team over the next few years. Interested individuals are encouraged to reach out to Sigma Technology to learn more about career opportunities.