Sigma Wins Software Development Procurement


“We have a target to work efficient, find new solutions and ideas together with our customers. We will have a lot of work in the upcoming years,” says Johan Edlund, CEO of Sigma Technology Information AB.

Johan continues:

“2016 was a fantastic year with substantial growth and many new colleagues. We have won 100% of all local procurements that we participated in. I’m very proud of that. I also know how much work we put in as a company to be in the forefront.”

Sigma will use its position as a global company to deliver with quality and in a cost-efficient way for their new customers.

“We promised our customers a lot, and now it’s time to deliver what we promised. We have experience and internal processes to manage taking over big work packages from our customers,” says Johan Thornadtsson and Tobias Kummel.

The agreement comes into action in October 2016. Sigma also plans to hire additional personnel. Already this week, 10 people will be offered jobs locally in Karlskrona.

For more information, contact:

Johan Edlund, CEO Sigma Technology Information AB
Mobile: +46 761 18 15 69; e-mail: johan.edlund@sigmatechnology.com


Johan Thornadtsson, COO Sigma Technology Information AB

Mobile: +46 706 64 82 92; e-mail: johan.thornadtsson@sigmatechnology.com


Tobias Kummel, BUM Sigma IT Consulting

Mobile: +46 730 60 02 02; e-mail: tobias.kummel@sigma.se