Sigma won the award for the best stand at Machine Chapter’s Career Fair


The Machine Chapter’s career fair aims to strengthen the bond between students and industry through meetings, information and activities. The event was open to all KTH students, but it was intended primarily for students with a focus on production, engineering, design and product development. It attracted representatives from about 30 companies operating in Sweden.

Amer Hadsvik, President of Sigma Technology Consulting shares his thoughts:
”Sigma regularly participates in educational events and has established tight cooperation with major universities, constantly expanding the scope of the joint work. We see great value in such events, both for students and for the company. The future specialists have the possibility to make sure they are in-demand on the market and get additional motivation for studying. On the other hand, communicating directly with students, Sigma can explain to them what qualities are valued in our company.”

Carl Vikingsson, Sigma Technology Group CEO, adds:
”We are very proud to be recognized as the most professional exhibitor together with our Sigma colleagues. Sigma pays serious attention to cooperation with universities in order to give young specialists the opportunity to look with confidence into their future and fulfill our aim to become a superior employer. In a very competitive employment market this acknowledgment ensures that our culture and principles are truly recognized.”