Swedish Club for Foreign Engineers Brings You Closer to Your Dream Job

Swedish Club

Jan-Erik Åberg, one of the founders of Swedish Club. Photo: Jenny Zhu

Swedish Club is not a traditional language course with a teacher and a student book. It is instead a group of engineers passionate about language that helping 20 selected members with Swedish on Mondays and Thursdays, at 5-6 PM. During the language sessions, the members will split into smaller groups (4-5 persons). The focus of the meetings will be on conversation. We will also discuss Swedish social codes and office culture.

Swedish Club appeared three years ago and at first was an internal project arranged by a few engineers at Sigma Technology. The colleagues gathered twice a month and talked about everything from latest news to grammar questions and tips and tricks for fika at work. The language meetings were highly appreciated by the employees, and after a while, the decision to offer the same concept to external participants was taken. This year we have also offered language meetings at Fika by Sigma café for everyone who works or studies at Lindholmen, Gothenburg.

One of the internal participants of Swedish Club was Nataly Duyko, PR Manager at Sigma Technology: “I moved to Sweden from Ukraine a bit over a year ago. When I started here in Gothenburg, I couldn’t speak any Swedish since I could solve the majority of my job tasks using just English. You get to hear from the media that Swedes are very good at English, which is totally true, but for me, it has been also important to learn Swedish in order to integrate into the society better. As a newcomer, you want to make new contacts and friends, effectively present yourself at work, and be a part of conversations with the colleagues, even if it is just a fika in the office.”

Johnny Fägersten and Nataly DuykoNataly Duyko, PR Manager, and Johnny Fägersten, Unit Manager and one of the initiators of Swedish Club for foreign engineers. Photo: Carl Björklund

Jan-Erik Åberg, one of the founders and mentors of Swedish Club, says: “During Swedish Club sessions we are going to help you get more confident talking to friends, colleagues, and managers, present yourself to get closer to the job position you want, as well as improve your pronunciation and writing.”

On April 24, a new group of foreign engineers, together with mentors from Sigma Technology, will start improving their Swedish during 8 weeks. Together we can help and give more people wider opportunities on the job market together with the confidence of using Swedish. Registration is open at


For more information, please, contact:

Nataly Duyko, nataly.duyko@sigmatechnology.com

+46 725 194 048

About Sigma Technology and Swedish Club

Sigma Technology is an international consulting company, providing services in product information, embedded & software design, and information management. Swedish Club is our platform to help newcomers in Sweden improve their language skills and integrate into the society faster. We offer a group of native mentors who help you at whatever level you happen to be, giving feedback on what you say and what you write.

Questions? swedishclub@sigmatechnology.com