Ulla Einarsson strengthens Product Information team at Sigma

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Sigma Technology Information provides world-class product information. To meet the big demand from existing and new clients, the company expands its services with the fourth unit in Gothenburg. Ulla Einarsson comes in as a new unit manager with a focus on expanding the business and also hiring new consultants.

Sigma Technology Information is a part of Sigma Technology Group and is a global supplier of product information. The company has a huge group of experienced technical writers, information engineers, project managers, illustrators, and other experts in product information. In Sweden, we have 11 sites that supply product information to customers in many different industries. Now, the fourth unit in Gothenburg is starting with Ulla Einarsson as the new unit manager.

Ulla has almost 20 years of experience from the product information area, working in different roles at Sigma Technology. She will bring her competence and knowledge to the team and support the company in finding new talent. The aim for Sigma Technology Information in Gothenburg is to reach 100 employees within the next year.

“We are looking for people who have the technical knowledge and a keen eye for details. Technical writers working with us are structured, have a great customer focus, and have good language skills, especially in English.”

Today’s challenges within product information

The product information area has developed a lot in recent years. However, some companies still have problems with their product information not being user-friendly and efficiently produced.

Often it is difficult for the users to find the correct information, either because there is so much information or the structure is poor. If the users don’t know how to use your product, your support costs are likely to increase. If the users don’t like using your product, you’re likely to lose business.

Fortunately, small changes in how you produce your technical information are likely to improve the user experience as well as save you time and money.

We make technology usable

Sigma Technology Information works with innovations within the product information area in different ways, such as the involvement with BOTI (the Swedish industry organization for technical information), university cooperation, and research projects.

The current trends in the product information area are digitalization of content and modularization. Instead of publishing entire PDFs, it is more efficient to publish smaller pieces of information (modules), content that is searchable and more user-friendly. Today there are a variety of high-quality, easy-to-use tools for this purpose, Sigma’s DocFactory being one of them.

Ulla describes the strengths of Sigma Technology Information:

“We help our clients produce better product information and work more efficiently through better tool support and ways of working. With knowledge in the product information area, we can help improve the overall product perception and cut costs for product information development.”

Would you like to know more?

Contact Ulla Einarsson to know more about how Sigma Technology Information can help you with your product information:

Ulla Einarsson, ulla.einarsson@sigmatechnology.com