We are ready and support Ukraine

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Sigma Software Group is a part of Sigma Technology and Sigma Group and has 2000 employees in Ukraine.

Right now, there is ongoing relocation of employees and their families. We are also helping to ensure our employees who can’t or won’t relocate stay as safe as possible in this case.

Our highest priority is to ensure the safety of our team.

Sigma established its presence in Kharkiv, one of the biggest cities in Eastern Ukraine, in 2006, when we acquired an IT company with 60 employees. Today, the company has around 2000 employees and is present in the biggest cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, and others) and delivers first-class IT solutions to clients in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

Sigma Software has an established and well-planned business continuity plan that includes relocation and evacuation plans.

“During the previous week, we have escalated our “business continuity plan” to the highest readiness level. Last week, we asked our team if they were interested in relocation and started preparations to support them with relocation a few days ago. We had a digital all-staff meeting with all employees in Ukraine yesterday to inform them about the situation and our preparations at that time. Before we had already asked employees to have their cars fully refueled, stock up on food and water as well as pack personal belongings in order to be able to quickly evacuate, which was done. We receive the ones who are moving on their own initiative. They are welcome in our other offices in Western Ukraine. We are also helping to make sure our employees who can’t or won’t relocate stay as safe as possible in this case. Today, we have announced the highest level of readiness in Hungary, where we have activated the opportunity to receive employees and their families in Budapest. We collect information about the situation and act based on what we know,” says Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Group and Chairman of the Board at Sigma Software Group. He continues:

“The highest priority right now is to ensure the safety of our team. Our employees have been working on their projects in distributed teams since the COVID pandemic. Our clients ask us how they can help, and I reply that the best way to help is to keep on working as “usual” with the projects so that our people feel needed.”

“It is important now that the Swedish business does not stop but instead develops the relationship with the Ukrainian IT industry. Here, many can make an effort so that Ukrainians do not feel abandoned. It is in situations like this that it gets obvious who the real friends are. Let us do what we can to support Ukraine, which in turn supports the democratic development of Europe and each country’s right to self-determination,” says Dan Olofsson, founder of Sigma.

For more information, please contact:

Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Group, carl.vikingsson@sigmatechnology.com.

Nataly Lamkén, CCO at Sigma Technology Group, nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com.