West Sweden is Open to the Talent from all of the World

Move to Gothenburg

Picture: the screenshot is taken from the website movetogothenburg-automotive.rekry.se.

The competition for the global talent is open. Sweden, as well as many other European countries, has a big need in attracting more young and talented specialists. Now it is time for Gothenburg and West Sweden to achieve it. ‘Move to Gothenburg/West Sweden’ initiative will unite business and academic communities, regional and municipal authorities interested in fostering the beneficial environment for the international workforce. In terms of the initiative, it is planned to increase awareness and create prerequisites for attracting and retaining global talent, which may include building an information portal, providing housing opportunities, international schools, jobs for students and spouses, and more.

Sigma Technology Development has joined the initiative. The company believes that Sweden becomes one of the world development centers, especially in the areas of software development for infotainment and autonomous driving systems.

Klas Persson, President at Sigma Technology Development, says:

We have been working with electrical and software development over the past 25 years, but it has never been as fun and exciting as it is now. The development goes faster than ever before, different technology areas like telecom and automotive are merging to create new capabilities. Active safety systems are gradually developing towards autonomous driving. The needs and technical challenges we face are enormous, which means that we are looking for best software engineers in the world.

Today there is no hotter spot than Gothenburg if you want to work with software for autonomous driving. We develop our customers and we develop our consultants by working with the very latest technology. Sigma has a unique position as a supplier to all major automotive companies, and the possibilities are therefore unlimited for those, who choose to start working for us.

The campaign is accessible at movetogothenburg-automotive.rekry.se.

For more information, please, contact Klas Persson, klas.persson@sigmatechnology.com.