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Accessibility Review

digital experiences accessible to everyone

Accessibility is not just a commitment; it’s an opportunity to create an inclusive and user-friendly digital environment. At Sigma Technology Cloud, we are dedicated to ensuring accessibility for all users on your digital platforms. By conducting accessibility analyses according to the WCAG standard, our team identifies and addresses potential barriers for users with different disabilities. We go beyond boundaries, striving to create an inclusive digital experience for your target audience.


Why Sigma Technology Cloud?

We are a specialized company with a cloud-centric focus. In the transition towards digitization, we prioritize user-centricity and accessibility as crucial elements. We prioritize reliability, collaboration, and innovation to achieve technical excellence. Whether you require experienced individuals or teams, we deliver top-tier UX and UI professionals proficient in accessibility standards and extensive experience across diverse interfaces, methods, industries, and client engagements. Our commitment extends to continuous competence development and staying up-to-date with industry trends. Explore our services and let us work together to advance digital accessibility.

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The process


Operational Efficiency

Initiate the process by investigating client requirements to understand their accessibility needs. Perform an initial analysis of the website’s structure, identifying areas that warrant a more comprehensive examination. Clearly outline the scope of the analysis and verify adherence to relevant accessibility standards, such as WCAG. Ensure the availability of essential resources.


Accessibility audit

In this phase, the team or consultant conducts a thorough examination of the website or system’s accessibility. This involves meticulous analysis of each identified area, confirming compliance with relevant accessibility standards, and documenting any barriers or deficiencies. The insights gleaned from this review will serve as the foundation for the detailed report and action plan. We can also assist in conducting usability tests with various target groups.


Assessment Report

The results of the accessibility analysis are compiled and presented. A comprehensive report is generated, encompassing a summary of observations, identified accessibility issues, and actionable recommendations. This report serves as a valuable tool for communicating findings and guiding the implementation of improvements.


Advocate for Refinements

We proactively create recommended design changes identified in the accessibility analysis. Our team works closely with yours to refine website elements and adjust code structures. The goal is to create an inclusive digital experience, and we provide ongoing support to guarantee successful implementation and user satisfaction.


  • Ensure that your website complies with accessibility standards in accordance with local laws and regulations.
  • By improving accessibility, you broaden your reach to a wider audience and adapt your website for various devices and user capabilities.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to inclusion, build trust, and foster a positive brand image among users.
  • Enhance your website’s visibility on search engines by improving accessibility, contributing to better SEO performance.
  • Establish a foundation for continuous education within your organization by initiating accessibility improvements.
  • Proactively manage issues, reduce risks, and invest in long-term digital sustainability. Lasting change will pay off, making accessibility an investment against the costs of inaccessibility.

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