Training Services: Getting Your Message Across

To save time and avoid mistakes, we need to communicate effectively not only within our products and services but with our customers and our colleagues. At Sigma Technology, we have the expertise and the will to share.

This training is relevant for people working with technical writing, technical communication, product architecture and development, education, journalism, and can also benefit office workers in general.

training services getting your message across

Do you want to increase the quality of your communication?
Do you want to increase customer satisfaction?
Do you want to reduce the costs for support, translation, and production?

Our courses help you communicate effectively with your target audience. We have everything from basic introductions to crash courses and workshops. We are also happy to tailor a course based on your existing communication.

To get your message across:

  • Know your target audience – their goals, their competence, and their skills.
  • Handle input with the precision it deserves.
  • Collaborate with those in the know – pick the brains of the thinkers and the doers who design our future.
  • Make excellent use of language so you don’t waste the potential of the written word, the time of your target audience, or the money of your sponsors.
  • Know when to let visuals do the talking.
  • Structure for ease of finding, ease of skipping, and ease of understanding.
  • Review to make sure you always serve your target audience.
  • Be an expert in the tools of your trade.
  • Choose a platform that fits your target audience so well that they don’t even notice that you’re there.

If you would like to know more about other available courses, please, contact training@sigmatechnology.com.