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Halloween is knocking on the door, and it’s time to read scary boo-stories and look around. And we have something for you. These tales aren’t about ghosts, witches, or goblins – they are about missteps and blunders that haunted the world of Information Technology. By the end of it, decide which story you think deserves the most of rotten tomatoes!

The Y2K Bug

As the world prepared to enter the new millennium, global fears of the year of 2000 and causing bug-crashing systems were rampant. Billions were spent in anticipation, only for most systems to tick over into the year 2000 without a hitch. While some minor glitches occurred, the apocalyptic scenarios many envisioned never came to pass.

The $460 Million Trading Glitch

In 2012, a software error at Knight Capital Group activated orders that cost the firm $460 million in just 45 minutes, pushing them to the brink of bankruptcy. All because of a glitch in an automated stock trading system.

Apple Maps Leading Astray

When Apple launched its own Maps application in 2012, replacing Google Maps, users found themselves lost, both metaphorically and literally. Some landmarks appeared in the middle of rivers, while other locations were missing entirely.

The Floating Amazon Data Center

In a misguided attempt to store data underwater for cooling purposes, an experimental Amazon data center sank into the ocean in 2017. Despite best efforts, retrieval was unsuccessful, and countless bytes of data were found in a watery grave.

The Pentium FDIV Bug

Intel’s Pentium chip, launched in the 90s, had a tiny error in its floating-point unit that led to mistakes in mathematical calculations. The bug cost Intel about $475 million in replacements.

Code Spaces’ Total Shutdown

In 2014, Code Spaces, a code hosting and software collaboration platform, faced a massive DDoS attack. The attackers accessed the company’s AWS dashboard and deleted most of its data, backup, and machine configurations, forcing it to close its doors permanently.

The PlayStation Network Outage

In 2011, Sony’s PlayStation Network went down for 23 days, affecting 77 million users, all due to a massive security breach. Gamers worldwide were left in the dark, with many questioning the security of their personal information.

The Leap Year Bug in Azure

In 2012, Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service faced a massive outage. The culprit? A leap year bug caused the service to believe that February 29th didn’t exist.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 UI Uproar

When Windows 8 was launched, Microsoft tried reinventing the wheel by ditching the Start menu and pushing a tile-based UI. Users were baffled and frustrated, leading to quick revisions in subsequent updates.

Zoom’s 2020 Security Concerns

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when Zoom’s popularity soared, the platform faced backlash for privacy and security lapses, earning it the nickname “Zoombombing.”


Now, dear reader, it’s time to cast your vote. Which one of these haunting tech tales do you deem the worst of them all? Grab your virtual rotten tomato and let us know!

Which one of these haunting tech tales do you deem the worst of them all?


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