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In the first episode of Information Talks, hosts Margo and Robbie dive into the world of new and emerging technologies. This episode explores two particularly interesting areas: artificial intelligence (AI) assistants in cars and the development of digital clones.

The episode dives into the recent news of Volkswagen integrating ChatGPT, a large language model, into their cars’ digital assistants. While the idea of having a conversational companion on the road may seem appealing, both Margo and Robbie raise serious concerns: accuracy and safety, security, and proper beta testing.

The second half of the episode explores the development of digital clones. These AI-powered replicates can answer questions in the voice and style of a real person. Companies are creating digital clones of experts to answer customer questions and even train new employees. While digital clones offer advantages such as providing consistent information and potentially saving time, they also raise some ethical concerns.

Overall, the episode presents a thought-provoking discussion about the exciting potential of new AI technologies, balanced with a healthy dose of caution regarding the potential risks and ethical considerations. As AI continues to develop, it’s important to have these conversations to ensure this technology is used for good.


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