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On August 22, Aniko Simon and her team published their research on the user manual engagement of smart wearable devices in Electronics: an international, peer-reviewed, open-access scientific journal. The article presents several empirical studies in which the participating individuals were distinguished by their connection to user manuals. 

Aniko Simon, a technical writer at Sigma Technology Hungary, coordinated a series of research efforts on the user manuals of smartwatches and smartbands and published the obtained results in a scientific journal. The article’s authors include two of her co-workers at Sigma Technology Hungary: Nikolett Selmeczi-Kovacs (technical writer) and Gabriella Alexi (business area manager).

Sigma Technology Hungary


The paper analyzes influence factors, investigates user behavior, and studies how the smart wearable device itself affects user manual engagement. The research efforts address user experience and behavior, personal preference, device attributes, and the performance metrics of user manuals. A novelty of the work is that the participating individuals were classified as regular users, professional users, and technical writers based on their connection to user manuals, and the data provided by these different groups was analyzed separately.  

Aniko is the author of 42 published scientific papers. Her latest 37-page comprehensive article based on the aforementioned research topics was published in Electronics, a reputable international journal on the science of electronics and its applications.  

We felt so excited when we received the reviews and the notification about the acceptance of our submitted article! Research related to technical communication is close to us due to our daily activities at Sigma Technology Hungary. One can humbly hope that such studies may potentially contribute to future scientific efforts and best practices. I feel very lucky that in addition to my daily technical writing work, I have the possibility and support to explore under-investigated yet super interesting topics of technical communication.


Aniko Simon

Information engineer

Find more information about the work of Aniko and her team on the publisher’s website.