Gabriella Alexi Develops Sigma Technology’s Design and Learning Expertise

Today, Gabriella Alexi is a unit manager for the most varied department at Sigma Technology Hungary. Her team unites technical writers, illustrators, configuration managers, testers, and software developers. Gabriella’s profound experience and drive help her keep everyone in the team motivated. 

Gabriella started at Kudos (the company Sigma Technology acquired in 2007) back in 2003 as a technical writer. At that time, the technical communication area in Hungary was on the verge of development. Back then, Gabriella had just received two fresh degrees – one as an MA in English Linguistics and Teacher of English and the other one in Economics – and was looking for a career where she could combine her passion for writing and management. After just a year in the company, Gabriella had received a task to drive company’s university cooperation program.

“I have always had parallel projects. My strengths are brainstorming, development, and growth. All these years I have been given a chance to grow and get more responsibility, that’s why I have always felt in the right place at Sigma Technology,” she shares.

Gabriella has made a journey from a technical writer to a team lead, project manager, operational team leader, and, starting from 2018, a unit manager.

“It is very interesting to see how the company has changed over the time. We have grown a lot and extended the scope of our services, it has always felt exciting.”

Gabriella’s team combines a diversity of competences in the area of product information. In addition to core expertise in technical information, the team offers creative and instructional design, including 2D and 3D animations, video, and e-learning as well as specific technical writing expertise, like publishing specialization, script automation, translation management, and training services.

“Technical writing is getting increasingly interactive. The users have less time and they need to get access to required information right away. If a product company wants to be competitive, its product information needs to be visual and easy to understand.”

Recently, Gabriella’s team has delivered a design project for Knorr-Bremse in Hungary, where the team utilized a wide skillset, including web design, 2D and 3D illustrations, and graphic design. Other projects that the team worked on span a variety of industries, including telecom, automotive industry, agriculture, and even consumer products such as wearables.

(Photo credit: Tamas Kovacs)

What makes Gabriella stand out as a leader is her approach to motivating people. She tries to encourage colleagues by giving them different tasks, new challenges that make them combine new knowledge, existing soft skills with their key expertise. Her philosophy is that you perform the best when you are motivated and challenged. This is the quality that she is looking for in new colleagues.

Education has always been an important aspect of work for Gabriella. She is the company’s main contact for partnership with Óbuda University, one of Hungary’s leading technical universities.

Currently, 13 Sigma Technology colleagues lead courses in information communication, test automation and hold soft skills lectures at the university.

“Teaching others helps us prepare future talents that might join us and the tech industry one day, and it is a great source of motivation for our team as well.”

Would you like to work with a motivated leader like Gabriella? See our open positions in Hungary.

For more information about our competence in technical communication, design, and e-learning, please, contact Gabriella Alexi gabriella.alexi@sigmatechnology.com.

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