Keep an Eye out for These Tech Events

Sustainability, Leadership, Digital Transformation, Content Management, and, of course, Coding, these are the key topics that will be discussed at some of the tech events this spring.

Digital Business Transformation, Hungary, Budapest, April 19

The Digital Business Transformation conference is a full-day event for company executives who are keen to learn more about the implementation and development of digital culture at corporations. The event is organized by the Dutcham, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Swisscham Hungary in co-operation with the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, the Danish Business Club, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary.

Sigma Technology is a proud sponsor of the event and will contribute to the conference with the keynote speech by Dora Cseresnyes, COO at Sigma Technology Hungary. Dora will speak about how to keep people in focus at a technology company while the world goes digital. György Nagy, CEO at Sigma Technology Hungary, will join the panel discussion.

Find more at http://www.dutcham.hu/digitalconference2018

CMS/DITA North America, USA, Denver, Colorado, April 23-25

Join some of the leading information development professionals at the Twentieth Annual Content Management Strategies/DITA Conference in Denver, Colorado, on April 23-25, 2018. The event is organized by the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) and powered by Adobe Technical Communication.

Debbie Roemer, VP at Sigma Technology USA, will speak during the second day of the conference, on April 24, and will show the audience some real-life examples of different funding models for content creation and innovation.

Read more about the event at https://cm-strategies.com/

Sigma Technology Open Hackathon, Sweden, Jönköping, April 27-28

Can you imagine a better tomorrow? Join us together with 60 students and young professionals to brainstorm, network, and create awesome solutions that would make Jönköping a better place to live in.

Assisted by experienced mentors from various backgrounds, you will implement ground-breaking prototypes, present them to a panel of experts, and compete for a variety of prizes!

Expect a Better Tomorrow Hackathon, Sweden, Gothenburg, May 5-6

Welcome to the hackathon for you who believe that a sustainable future is a key to our very existence. You will get a chance to work on ideas and solutions that will give better opportunities for next generations. During this exciting and exhausting 24h hack you will create teams with other professionals and students, get some sleep, game, refreshments, and, of course, will code a lot!

Register and follow the event at https://expect-a-better-tomorrow-hackaton-.confetti.events/

Sigma Smart Women Society, Sweden

Karlskrona, April 12

Malmö, April 12

Gothenburg, May 8

This spring, there are three evenings full of inspiration, knowledge sharing, and networking at Sigma Smart Women Society (SSWS) Meetings in Malmö, Karlskrona, and Gothenburg. Get a chance to listen to speakers from ESMG & Jämställda Fonder, Minc, Pink Programming, Yuhme, Sigma IT Consulting, Sigma Connectivity, and many others. Join the network on LinkedIn to follow all the meetings: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/3920427

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