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The morning of February 24, 2022, went into history as a tragic day when the Russian brutal full-scale invasion of Ukraine broke the peace and democracy conventions. The weeks and months to follow have, however, shown that civil courage, thorough preparations, and dedication of the Ukrainian people would prove wrong the intruders and that international solidarity is stronger than ever before.

Today is the 366th day of the bravery of the Ukrainian people and every one of our colleagues at Sigma Software. With the help of a meticulously prepared business contingency plan, the Sigma Software emergency team has helped almost 3000 people, including employees, family members, friends, and pets, to evacuate to safe places in Ukraine and Europe.

The exceptional dedication and professionalism of each team member resulted in Sigma Software’s returning to 100% operations about two weeks after the start of the invasion. We are proud of the tremendous effort committed by our Ukrainian team. One year later, we welcomed about 200 people to our team at Sigma Software and could maintain all our client projects and even close the year with growth.

Apart from that, together with the Sigma Group and Danir team, we have:

  • contributed over 2 000 000 USD to the Ukrainian state and humanitarian aims
  • started a direct fundraiser Appeal Ukraine (Upprop Ukraina) with the Embassy of Ukraine in Sweden that has gathered over 20 000 000 SEK, read more and contribute at Upprop Ukraina – uppropukraina.se
  • created a platform “Swedes for Ukraine” which connects temporarily displaced Ukrainians and homeowners in Sweden. The Sigma Software team developed the platform within two weeks – swedesforukraine.org
  • started a project called “Star for Life Ukraine” to support kids in Ukraine with IT education and mental training. Learn more at starforlife.org.ua
  • сontributed to highlighting Ukraine on agendas of FinTech Forum, Almedalen, Entrepreneurship Forum, and others.

One of the questions I often get is how we can support Ukraine in the best way. My answer is always the same – by supporting and putting more business in Ukraine. During the past year, we all learned about their outstanding resilience and preparedness for any crisis. By outsourcing IT development to Ukraine, you contribute to maintaining faith in the future among Ukrainian young and well-educated generation and contribute to the country’s economy and future development and get a premium supplier of IT services,” says Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Group.

One year later, we stand with Ukraine.