Sigma Christmas Challenge raises 34,000 SEK for Musikhjälpen

December 2018 was a special month for Sigma Technology Swedish offices. We had the first Sigma Christmas Challenge, our way to make both our bodies and souls feel good. During the challenge, we supported the fundraising event Musikhjälpen arranged as a collaboration between Swedish Radio, Swedish Television, and Radiohjälpen.

Musikhjälpen 2018: the right to function differently

Musikhjälpen (Swedish Music Aid in English) is a live radio and TV broadcast that is held for one week in December. The goal of the project is to increase awareness about a humanitarian issue and get funding for that cause, with a vast number of initiatives held around Sweden, each one with the mission to collect money for the declared cause.

The theme of the year 2018’s fundraising was “Everybody has the right to function differently” aimed to create awareness of the needs of people with disabilities. There are around one billion people with disabilities in the world and many of them do not have access to educational opportunities, no opportunity to have decent work conditions. The raised funds will be used to provide people with disabilities with better access to care, support, and education.

Sigma Christmas Challenge for Musikhjälpen

As a company committed to creating a better tomorrow, Sigma Technology decided to support this event. We initiated special health and social responsibility activity — Sigma Christmas Challenge — for all employees of Sigma Technology in Sweden. The participants of Sigma Christmas Challenge exercised and contributed to Musikhjälpen, and Sigma Technology matched every contribution from its employees with the same amount of money.

We are very proud to share that we have collectively gathered 34,000 SEK and got over 100 contributors. We thank all participants for sharing their photos and videos and for contributing to a better tomorrow together! The total amount Musikhjälpen gathered last year was 50,550,204 SEK!

Find more photos tagged with #sigmachristmaschallenge on Instagram!

Sigma’s Project 2019 – Funkisfonden (the Special Athletes Fund)

Good initiatives will continue in 2019. On the New Year’s Eve, Sigma Group celebrated the International Expect a Better Tomorrow Day with a new project — Funkisfonden (The Special Athletes Fund). Sigma and Danir aim to bring into focus Swedish athletes with disabilities and specifically those with intellectual disabilities; to support them and give them a voice. They want to tell the story of all those people who practice and compete, despite the fact that the availability of and accessibility to the sport are not always the best.

You can read more about Funkisfonden at funkisfonden.se.

For more information about Sigma Christmas Challenge, contact Nataly Duyko, nataly.duyko@sigmatechnology.com.

For more information about Funkisfonden, contact Johan Glennmo, johan.glennmo@danir.com.

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