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Sigma Technology Elevate has expanded the Sigma Technology Group’s suite of services to include license management. This new service is designed to help businesses in Scandinavia optimize their IT spending and reduce the risk of non-compliance. It includes a self-service platform, a support team, and a team of professional engineers trained to prepare the client’s IT workload for the licensing process.

The need for effective license management is growing as businesses depend more on software to drive their operations. However, many organizations struggle to keep track of their software licenses and to ensure compliance with complex licensing terms. This can lead to unnecessary expenses, legal risks, and uncontrolled software usage.

Sigma Technology Elevate

Egil Svindal Fernando, President at Sigma Technology Elevate, comments:  

The world of IT licensing, especially in regions like Scandinavia, is complex and constantly evolving. Through our integrated services, we aim to simplify these complexities, optimizing investments and facilitating seamless technology integration for our clients.”

He continues:  

“Our observations show that businesses often struggle with managing their IT resources and regulatory demands. This is where our role as a trusted advisor becomes crucial. We can provide tailored guidance, help businesses see the full impact of their licenses and SaaS investments, and ensure that they are always compliant, efficient, and ahead of the curve.”

Sigma Technology Elevate specializes in a comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure, specializing in network & security, IT development, cloud services, data analysis and AI, and now, license management.


For more information, contact:  

Egil Svindal Fernando, President at Sigma Technology Elevate, egil.fernando@sigmatechnology.com 

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