Sigma Technology Sponsors a FIRST LEGO League Team Presenting Space VR Solution

Team Spacebots. Credit: Spacebots

Sigma Technology supports a team of school students competing in the FIRST LEGO League tournament. The Swedish team called Spacebots is now in Arkansas, USA, to present their project aimed at solving individual and social problems that people face during space travel.

Our company attaches great value to fostering enthusiasm for research and modern technology in the rising generation. In addition to other educational initiatives, we decided to help a Swedish team taking part in the FIRST LEGO League program, designed for 9-16-year-old children. The team, Spacebots, has passed through two national competitions with their VR-based solution. On May 16, they headed off to the world finals in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.

Spacebots chose a VR headset to fight psychological problems that a person may encounter during a long space journey, such as tension, negative emotions, homesickness, and other issues related to isolation and monotony. They designed a VR-equipped training bike that, as they believe, can help relieve these issues.

Robert Åberg, Head of VR technologies at Sigma Technology Solutions:

“Disruptive technologies put never-before-seen challenges to our educational methods. In my opinion, the best skills that today’s students can master include solution-focused thinking and research abilities. We are glad that programs like FIRST LEGO League and teams like Spacebots make progress in this area, and we are happy to do our bit by sponsoring Spacebots.”

For more information, please, contact Robert Åberg, robert.aberg@sigmatechnology.com.

About FIRST LEGO League

The program FIRST LEGO League, established by FIRST and LEGO Group, is designed for 9-16-year-old children and focuses on three aspects: robotics, research, and leadership. Its goal is to inspire children to learn science, technology, math, and get involved in solving pressing world issues through their favorite toys – Designer LEGO. Today, more than 233,000 children from over 88 countries take part in this program.

Subject season 2018-2019 “Forward into orbit!” is devoted individual and social problems that people face during space travel.

About Sigma Technology

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