Transforming Embedded® Gives Insight into Digitalization of Embedded Systems

Amer Hadsvik and Daniel Thysell, Sigma Technology

Transforming Embedded® is our platform, concept, and a way to share knowledge about the digitalization of embedded systems that comes from over 20 years’ experience in embedded development and design. As a knowledge company, we take responsibility for our development and want to give new skills to both our people and our customers, developing for a better tomorrow together.

Earlier this year, Sigma Group has interviewed the people behind Transforming Embedded® — Amer Hadsvik and Daniel Thysell at Sigma Technology Consulting in Stockholm. They asked them how the idea of the platform came around.

“Our primary purpose is to create a platform that will give us a chance to share our knowledge and what we are passionate about as professionals,” says Amer. The name Transforming Embedded comes from the key focus of this initiative — spreading insights about the transformation happening in companies that develop embedded systems.

“The traditional business model for a product company has been changing to adapt to the digitalized world of today. We don’t only mean new software and new customer-oriented services. The transformation affects processes, products, people, and business in general,” says Amer.

The contributors of Transforming Embedded are Sigma Technology’s people who participate and showcase their expertise through articles, whitepapers, guides and webinars that they publish at transformingembedded.com. This is a chance for them to build their own brand and develop their expertise even further.

“This is an excellent way for our consultants to bring this experience to more people,” says Daniel. “And we have received calls from both new and existing customers who have read some of the articles at Transforming Embedded website and want us to get involved and start implementing these new thoughts and ideas throughout their organization,” continues Amer.

Transforming Embedded is also a way toward professional development.

“Something magical happens when you sit down and begin to put into words what you do well every day, what you are passionate about,” says Amer. “Then, when you see that the ideas, which you shared, spread and that people appreciate what you have put into print, you hold your head just that bit higher,” Daniel adds.

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