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Being open is valuable. Diversity and inclusion increase companies’ profitability and capacity to innovate, help their employer brand, and boost employee engagement and personal well-being. That’s why we are delighted to join WeAreOpen’s campaign, where 33 companies are joining us to support diversity, equality, and inclusive company culture.

We are open. We treat everyone with the same respect. 

Regardless of their sex, nationality, ethnicity, background, age, sexual orientation, politics, religious or other beliefs, physical abilities, or any other distinguishing factor. 

The actions and accomplishments of each individual are what matter to us.

We are open because it pays to be open; as a person, and as a business.

Because open organizations are more successful and the people who work there are happier. 

Our mission is to demonstrate the value of openness to companies, employers, and employees alike.

This is who we are. 

Join us!

Are you ready to make a meaningful change in your workplace? It’s time to take a stand for inclusion, diversity, and equality! Watch the powerful video “WeAreOpen: Manifesto” and embark on a journey that will transform the workplace.

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