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According to the recent report from Internetstyftelsen, 8 of 10 Swedes under 18 get the information about latest news and events online, via digital platforms or social media. Now, Frida Gymnasium and Sigma Technology want to digitalize school communication to help students get all the latest school information directly at their fingertips.

Earlier this year Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions and Frida Gymnasium in Mölnlycke, Sweden, have started an internship project where a group of students from IT-Högskolan and Medieinstitutet got a task to create an interactive mobile app where teachers and student council will be able to publish information and communicate with Frida students.

The four students that have been working on the project are Linda Söder, Philip Alderstig, Elham Ahmadzadeh, Kristian Golba coming from IT-Högskolan, one of Sigma Technology’s strategic partners, and Medieinstitutet. Together they have developed a mobile app using React Native and a React.js website for the app administration.

The key features of the app are:

  • Digital curriculum
  • Easy and mobile news sharing
  • Push notifications to help share important news directly with the students
  • Instagram integration
  • Lunch menu


We had a chance to speak with the students working on the internship project.

We have been in contact with each other since spring and it has helped us to get to know each other early and create a good plan for the project,” shares Linda.

Kristian continues, We have decided to develop an application using React Native since the app is going to be used both on iOS and Android. The technology was new to us, so we had to do a lot of research before starting the project. The backend of the solution is built using C#, which we were familiar with from .NET education.”

The team had a great fusion of backgrounds and experience. Using the Scrum model as a base, the students had regular sprint review meetings with both Frida gymnasium and Sigma Technology team.

“Apart from our regular meetings with our stakeholders at Frida and supervisors at Sigma Technology, we tried to be onsite both at school and at the Sigma Technology office. Working at Frida helped us to get our Target Audience’s feedback on spot when we spoke to students and asked them to test our app. Being part of Sigma Technology’s team helped us get access to great knowledge and insights,” shares Philip.

“Our Agile way of working helped us create an effective workflow and we have even succeeded to develop an extra project during the internship – an administrational website for teachers where they can login and upload news and lunch menu updates from desktop. The website was built using React.js,” shares Elham. She continues,I truly enjoyed our internship. During these months we got an insight into academic work, development process and office life, as well as interacted with development teams from Sweden and Ukraine. Moreover, we have contributed to a real project which felt awesome.”

Linda agrees with Elham, It has been a lot of fun, both when it comes to a technical side of the project and the team setup. We have received a lot of support from Sigma Technology and Frida Gymnasium, which motivated us to do our best.”

Jessica Mitrosbaras, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Informatics Solutions, and Johanna Boström, Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Insight Solutions, supervised the project from Sigma Technology side. Jessica says, Digitalization is transforming the way we function as society. Digitalizing school processes and making communication between teachers and students smoother and faster is therefore very essential. We are proud of this internship project where we could cooperate between business, gymnasium, and academia as well as attracting a great group of students from different vocational schools and different backgrounds.”

Carl Josefsson, Innovation Lead at Frida Gymnasium, adds, “This has been a great cooperation and knowledge sharing, a perfect win-win between academia and business.”


For more information, please contact:

Johanna Boström, johanna.bostrom@sigmatechnology.com

Elham Ahmadzadeh, studies JavaScript Developer at IT-Högskolan

Linda Söder, studies Front-End Developer at Medieinstitutet

Kristian Golba, studies .NET Developer at IT-Högskolan

Philip Alderstig, studies .NET Developer at IT-Högskolan

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