Sigma Technology Hungary has received Bisnode certificate again


In the Bisnode international company rating system, the financial stability and business reliability of all enterprises are rated based on a proven system that has been designed by international experts, and whose operation is consistently measured. Having received Bisnode’s AAA (triple A) certificate, Sigma Technology Hungary is now acknowledged among only 0.63% of the companies in the country that have the most solid financial foundations.

The Bisnode’s rating system has been used for rating companies in view of their reliability since 1908. The Bisnode certificate is used in several countries across Europe, while in the Nordic countries it is considered to be a standard of trading.

“The Bisnode certificate shows the current steady financial standing of our company. We can proudly state that Sigma Technology shall continue to be a reliable player on the market further on,” says György Nagy, Country Manager at Sigma Technology Hungary.

Sigma Technology aims at being a leading global provider of product information, embedded solutions, and offshore development, delivering top-tier services and superior quality to its customers. Apart from Bisnode certificate, this year we have renewed three ISO certifications, which are Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001), and Information Security (ISO 27001). Moreover, each year we conduct a customer survey in order to reveal customer’s quality satisfaction and this year we were highly rated on major areas of research. This proves that Sigma Technology is moving in the right direction ensuring its reliability and delivering superior quality services,” shares Carl Vikingsson, CEO at Sigma Technology Group.