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Outsourcing customer support

Are you hiring support professionals? Or maybe you are thinking about outsourcing the support function? There is so much info about the benefits and disadvantages of outsourcing opportunities and inhouse teams. 

After turbulent times during 2019-2021, this year continues to stretch and challenge businesses and customers. In the middle of 2022, customer experience and success continue to be crucial factors of brand and company loyalty. Teams have to outdo efficiency and double customer care across the end-to-end customer journey. 

So, let’s have a look at the most common fears of outsourcing and how our team busted these myths.


Expectation 1: Not receiving the quality I expect 

Reality: Quality is our main strength. We are continuously improving our processes and ways of delivering better customer service. We are 100% interested in our client’s growth because we grow when our client’s business grows. Check our recent case study with 99,97% quality delivery.


Expectation 2: Cultural borders and different time zones create communication issues 

Reality: We work from 3 different locations (Europe, North America, and Asia) to cover all time zones, thereby helping our customers get their technical issues resolved. Being flexible with locations, we also avoid misunderstanding or cultural borders with end-users. 


Expectation 3: Absence of expertise in my industry  


We have many years of experience providing support services to high-tech products coming from different branches. Having experience building support solutions for leading European enterprises, we understand how to adapt the support structure for small- and large-scale needs. Our team is a group of professionals with backgrounds and skills in automotive, telecommunications, information technology, and other industries. 

When you truly connect with people, they feel important, even special. We all want to feel like we matter. Should that not be the same in business? Should we not make people (customers) feel important to us the whole time they use the product and not just sell something to them? This is why we started Support Solutions, to help companies connect better with their customers and make their them feel special long after the purchase.


Karl Evans

COO - Customer Support

Expectation 4: It is cheaper to hire employees myself 

Reality: Customer support outsourcing and dedicated teams help you save on onboarding costs, compensation, and insurance. Moreover, for example, we optimize pricing in real-time to match the business need with a pay-per-delivery model. We believe customers should only pay for the support they need and when they need it.  


Expectation 5: Lack of control 

Reality: We believe that transparency is a background for trusted relations. Flexibility and adaptivity help us deliver what our customers require in every situation without compromising the same high quality. One of such examples is to spread out across multiple originations we provide expert knowledge and experience to help with specific needs: electrical & diagnostic support, technical documentation development, aftermarket data analytics, project management, etc. 


To sum it up, outsourcing support solutions is a proven way to scale your business effectively and improve your structure of customer services.  Especially for those who need the perfect result already now without spending time on onboarding. Choosing the right partner with the same business values and beliefs always will meet your expectations.


Karl Evans

Karl Evans is a COO - Customer Support at Sigma Technology. He brings over 20 years of experience in the aftermarket to the team. Karl has previously worked as Global Support Manager at Volvo Group Trucks Technology.

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