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Thank you Karlskrona! We had a great pop-up event together with the IT & Tech Network WiTech in March, where we had an opportunity to explore ways to make IT & Tech a top choice for future generations and create an attractive tech sector. Over 40 people signed up for our event, representing a perfect mix of students, companies, municipalities, and academia. We talked about the importance of having meeting platforms for students and companies, marketing city advantages and creating awareness about the tech industry in the region, and much more.


Technology isn’t just about computers and gadgets – it’s about using innovation and creative thinking to change our world. By encouraging future generations to explore careers in IT & Tech, we can guarantee a diverse range of skilled people driving the industry forward, finding solutions to global issues, and improving society. This kind of thriving tech sector will provide more chances for growth and progression, creating an environment where technology is the power source for limitless possibilities. Let’s motivate the youth to aim for IT & Tech roles and create a better tomorrow full of impressive ideas and groundbreaking advancements!


Nataly Lamkén

Chief Communications Officer at Sigma Technology Group

Sigma Technology’s office in Karlskrona was a venue for an inspiring event by the female tech network WiTech, which brought together a lineup of speakers to share their insights and experiences. The event featured speakers:

  • Matilda Höglund, a student from Blekinge Institute of Technology, was also a finalist for Microsoft’s prestigious Tech Girl of the Year award.
  • Astrid Ortman, a product manager at Lysa, shared her valuable insights into the world of product development.
  • Cajsa Augustzén, a business development professional at Paraply and The Pot, offered her unique perspective on business growth and community development
  • Tina-Mari Eriksson, a business development specialist at Karlskrona Kommun, shared her experience in developing business strategies for local municipalities.
  • The event was moderated by Annika Antonsson, a regional manager at Sigma Technology, who ensured that the discussion flowed smoothly and provided valuable insights into the technology industry.

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The evening opened with a presentation about the IT & Tech Network WiTech held by the chairwoman of WiTech, Jeanette Schwartz, and Nataly Lamkén, board member at WiTech and Chief Communications Officer at Sigma Technology Group. The WiTech event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from a diverse range of industry professionals and gain new perspectives on the world of technology.

We want to thank all our guests who attended the event and made it such a success. We truly appreciated your engaging questions and thought-provoking discussions throughout the evening. Together, we identified many important factors that will shape the future development of networking and meeting places in Karlskrona. Your participation helped us gain a better understanding of the needs and expectations of the community. We feel energized and inspired by the ideas that were exchanged and are excited to see how we can work together to turn them into reality. Thanks again for your valuable contributions, and we hope to see you again soon!

We are now planning our next steps in Karlskrona. Would you like to join?



Chief Communications Officer at Sigma Technology Group

Contact: nataly.lamken@sigmatechnology.com

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