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On October 18-19, the Swedish Industry Organization for Technical Information (BOTI) held its annual conference at Epicenter in Stockholm and online for the rest of participants. This time, Malin Hammarberg from Sigma Technology shared insights about the connection between UX and technical information, Anna Ekedahl talked about being a UX writer, and Liselotte Shafiee talked about the importance of Topics.

BOTI’s goal is to promote the development of the technical information domain. The organization aims to gather opinion leaders, businesses, and technical information experts in Sweden in the same place and share valuable insights and industry trends. This year, the conference covered six essential topics, including hot discussions about the metaverse and standards and regulations for MedTech and cybersecurity. 

The conference was in the format of a talk show with Anna Starrin, a cultural anthropologist and communicator, as a host. This was the second year when the BOTI conference was available in a hybrid format, with half of the attendees present onsite in Stockholm and the rest of the participants joining online. 

This year, Sigma Technology participated as a sponsor, a speaker, an exhibitor, and an interviewer. Malin Hammarberg, Usability and Accessibility Specialist, took part in the discussion named “Do UX and technical information have the same goals?” where she together with another speaker, examined the relationships between these two areas and whether good UX means having less technical information. In addition, Anna Ekedahl talked about being a UX writer, and Liselotte Shafiee talked about the importance of Topics.

Besides, Sigma Technology filmed a special episode of the Information Talks show with interviews with industry leaders and top minds. 

Johan Thornadsson, President at Sigma Technology Information, was one of the organizers of this year’s event and is also an active member of BOTI’s Board. 

BOTI live is a very important event both for information experts and businesses. Here all participants can dive deeper into the topic and find insights to improve the product information experience and how end-users interact with the information. This year we discussed the pressing challenges and stepped a little bit into the future and what we can wait for within next 10 years. It’s exciting!



President at Sigma Technology Information

Find more information about BOTI and the talk show about Technical Information at BOTI’s website. See you there next year!

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