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Technology is what our work is about and what we use in our daily lives. It is our hobby, passion and vision of how to be successful.

We use devices in the office, at home, and on our journeys. We stay connected wherever we are, and we love it.

Technology unites us into a team of like-minded people: one big family of information and software engineers, test specialists and analysts, challengers and innovators. We are Technology.

  • Yuliya Burgay

    Information engineer

    I was born at the dawn of the USSR. The Cold War was long over. Technology was slowly "dying" in my country. Spaceships kept flying but housewives had to wash clothes by hand boiling it over and over hoping that at least some stains would disappear. Teachers would have to walk from class to class carrying lots of charts and maps.
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  • Per Bjällmark

    Quality Manager

    More than 10 years ago, I started to work for Sigma Technology. One of my first assignments was for a minor telecommunication company. I remember trying patiently to explain to my wife what I worked with. A couple of weeks later I overheard her talking to her parents...
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  • Juan Zhu


    Last month I assembled two IKEA wash basin cabinets with my husband based on IKEA's text-free manual. The outcome of the six-hour installation is not just the two new cabinets, but also a long summary on the usability of the manual as well as suggestions to IKEA on how to escalate the consumer's satisfaction.
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  • Andreas Lamkén


    In the spring of 2007 I embarked on a journey to South Africa for a Star for Life project initiated by Sigma. This was a pilot project with the purpose of donating used computers to five schools, installing them on-site and educating the teachers in basic computer science.
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  • Viktor Jeremic


    My fascination with technology started at an early age, about the time that I started school. The first "Hi-Tech" stuff I was allowed to tinker with was a radio, which I tried to boost the reception of to get better reception on the AM-band. Other than listening to lots of music I learned the basics of soldering.
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  • Szilvia Szilágyi


    It sounds anecdotic, but this is what happens to people as we get more and more experience as time flies (less sophisticated: as we get older), the story goes like this: Two decades ago my father got us an IBM PS/1 personal computer, back in those days the specs didn't count that much, but as a fun-fact I let you know that it was running DOS 4.1 with a 16 MHz CPU and with an overwhelming 2 MB RAM. In those days it was a big deal if someone had a PC.
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