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Sigma Technology Insight Solutions is proud to announce the successful completion of its LIA internship program, featuring five interns who acquired hands-on experience in analytics-driven embedded systems, data-driven financial solutions, and account management in the tech sector. We have spoken to the team and asked them about their projects. 

The Swedish IT sector needs to grow with at least 18 000 experts annually to meet the demand for digitalization services, according to the recent report from TechSverige. To close the gap, it is vital to encourage and support tech students gaining practical skills and real-project experience so that they can land an IT job. Sigma Technology Insight Solutions has a history of working with various educational institutions and vocational schools. One example of such cooperation is the LIA program (Lärande i Arbete, Learning while Working), a program that offers young talents an inclusive and collaborative environment to support them on their career journey. 

LIA Students at Sigma Technology Group

We have talked to the LIA program participants and asked them about their projects and experiences so far. 


Josef Karam Data-Driven Financial Solutions


  • Why have you chosen LIA at Sigma Technology?

    I applied for my internship at Sigma Technology Insight Solutions driven by an interest in harnessing technology to solve complex business challenges. Sigma’s reputation for innovation, commitment to fostering learning, and its portfolio of projects presented the perfect environment to deepen my expertise in data analysis and contribute to impactful solutions like SigmaViz. This opportunity was aligned with my ambition to work at the intersection of technology and business, leveraging my skills to facilitate data-driven decisions and insights. 

  • What did you work with?

    I had the incredible opportunity to work on SigmaViz, a financial analysis solution that helps managers of all levels understand and leverage their data.

    Our project focuses on harnessing the power of multiple data sources and consolidating them into a user-friendly platform that simplifies data analysis. With built-in, advanced data models tailored for e-commerce analytics and supported by Microsoft Azure, SigmaViz ensures secure, accessible, and comprehensive data handling. The platform ensures data integrity with the help of security features such as role-based access and integration with Azure Active Directory. SigmaViz automates and streamlines reporting processes and provides deep insights, facilitating better business decision-making. 

  • Tell us about your experience

    My involvement in SigmaViz during my internship has been an enriching experience, allowing me to contribute to a solution that empowers businesses with clarity and foresight in their financial operations. My mentor, Viktor, greatly supported me while working on SigmaViz. His guidance helped me develop practical skills but also fostered my enthusiasm for innovative problem-solving.

LIA Students

Nathalie Robertsson and Cornelia Samuelsson, Account Management in Tech Sector 

Studying: Account Manager Digital Solutions at IHM Business School, Gothenburg

  • Tell us about your educational program.

    This is our first year of a two-year program at IHM. We have selected this educational program due to IHM’s strong connection to the private sector and immense opportunities within this field. Having Sigma Technology Insight Solutions as our LIA company feels exciting – this is a growing company with many global clients.

  • What projects have you been working on?

    During our internship, we had the opportunity to support Delori, an emerging engineering startup, and Capacio, a neuroscience tech startup, with business development. Both companies have unique business ideas and distinct engagement for driving innovation, which made this internship period truly exciting.

LIA Students

Martins Nwosu and Marcus Robertsson – analytics-driven embedded systems 

Studying: Advanced Software Development Embedded Systems program at YH-Akademin in Trollhättan

  • Why have you chosen an internship at Sigma Technology Insight Solutions?

    Marcus: I was inspired by the positive input I received from friends and classmates about the company. There also was an opportunity to engage directly with Jens Hjerpe and Utibe Sampson Akpan, who visited our school to share insights into the company and what a typical workday entails, which further fueled my interest. They provided a good overview of Sigma’s working environments and culture, making it an easy decision. So, when the opportunity arose for internship positions, I happily took it! 

    Martins: I chose Sigma Technology for my LIA because of its reputation as a leading technology consulting company with an approach to development and a Local Drive – Global Strength business model. Sigma’s expertise in software development, product information, embedded systems design, and digital solutions aligns perfectly with the goals of my project. Moreover, Sigma’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and making a positive impact on society resonates deeply with my values and aspirations. 

  • Tell us about your project.

    In this project, we are delving into how IoT, Power BI, Machine Learning, and Embedded Systems come together to improve Connectivity, Visualization, Sustainability, and Energy Efficiency in analytics-driven embedded systems. The solution can be used for data analytics in the automotive sector, including battery safety management.  

    We use micro-controllers (ESP32) to read sensor data, transmitting the data to the Cloud (Azure) for data processing and management. Finally, we display the processed data in Power BI to communicate visually pleasing data and give users an actionable dashboard to make educated data-driven decisions. The solution uses machine learning and data analytics, supports organizations with predictive maintenance, and provides real-time system alerts via Power BI dashboards, as well as building predictions and safety management. 

At Sigma Technology Insight Solutions, we believe in the power of young minds to drive the digital revolution. Our internship program is designed to provide them with a platform where they can learn, innovate, and grow. We are extremely proud of our interns who have shown great potential and have positively impacted our projects. Robert Åberg, President at Sigma Technology Insight Solutions

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