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The furniture industry is undergoing a profound transformation with the introduction of Digital Product Passports (DPPs). The APPEND project, partly funded by Vinnova, aims to revolutionize the sector by enhancing data traceability, integrity, ownership, and governance. The project aims to design, develop, and validate robust DPP solutions to reshape industry standards and practices by leveraging the latest technology.

While standardization and data integration present some challenges, DPPs will revolutionize the furniture industry by 2030. Their potential to provide transparency, streamline compliance, and enable a circular economy outweighs the obstacles. The industry as a whole, with the adoption of DPPs, will move towards a more sustainable future, fostering a sense of hope and optimism among stakeholders. 



Under upcoming EU legislation, the furniture sector must adopt digital product passports (DPPs) to enhance data traceability, integrity, ownership, and governance. As part of this initiative, Sigma Technology partnered with Johanson Design to pilot a fully functioning solution, aiming to lead the industry in compliance and innovation


Key Collaborators

  • Interior Cluster Sweden is a non-profit organization representing Swedish design, furniture manufacturers, and other stakeholders, providing valuable industry insights and fostering collaboration. 
  • Linnaeus University is a leading research university that contributes its expertise in knowledge creation and information technology, specifically focusing on sustainable societal development through this project. 
  • Sigma Technology is a leading technology consultancy company with a strong global presence. It acts as the solution integrator and brings its experience in innovation and technology implementation to the project. 
  • Delori AB is a technology-focused company that specializes in innovative solutions. It offers digital delegation and power of authority services to consumers, public caretakers, and organizations. 
  • Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency. They aim to strengthen Sweden’s innovative capacity and contribute to sustainable growth. They work to ensure that Sweden is an innovative force in a sustainable world. 



  • Development of Content Management System (CMS)

In partnership with Johanson Design, Sigma Technology successfully built a robust CMS tailored to the specific needs of the furniture industry. The CMS serves as a centralized platform for managing product data and generating Digital Product Passports.

  • Integration with ERP Systems

Leveraging data from Johanson Design’s ERP system, the CMS seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure to extract relevant information about furniture products. This integration streamlines the process of creating DPPs, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

  • Implementation of QR Codes and Blockchain Technology

Each Digital Product Passport the CMS generates is equipped with QR codes and blockchain technology for verification purposes. This innovative feature enhances the integrity and authenticity of product data, providing stakeholders with confidence in the information presented.



The APPEND project represents a significant milestone in the digital transformation of the furniture industry. Through collaboration and innovation, key stakeholders have laid the foundation for a future where Digital Product Passports drive transparency, sustainability, and accountability. By harnessing the power of technology, the furniture sector can navigate towards a more responsible and resilient future.


Amelie Olsen

Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Solutions AB and an expert in Digital Product Passports (DPPs). Additionally, she is a committee member within the Swedish Standards Institute, focused on crafting industry standards for DPPs.

Contact: amelie.olsen@sigmatechnology.com