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Gentiana Huskaj (Lynk & Co), Johan Thornadtsson, Andréa Egedal, Johnny Fägersten (Sigma Technology). Photo credit: Sigma Technology


Sigma team has supported Lynk & Co in providing a total experience for the user guide to be released together with the car’s launch on the European market. The experience includes an interactive user car guide, an Android car app, and a smart content management system.

Being new, innovative, and daring, Lynk & Co didn’t just want to stick to the traditional format of a printed manual in the glove box. The scope of this partnership was to do away with that printed manual and replace it with a digital user guide available on the car’s display or through the Lynk & Co mobile app (while a smaller printed guide is still available in case of a dead battery or other emergencies). Sigma team worked closely with Lynk & Co and created information aimed at the brand’s target audience. The user guide had to have the right style and tone of voice, avoiding unnecessary, high-level, superfluous details that traditional manuals tend to have. Instead, the team made the user guide more accessible and, where needed, more detailed.


We are honored that Lynk & Co has entrusted us to be creative and deliver together with them a total experience for their car guide. Today's users expect information to be essential, relevant, highly available, and tailored to their needs. The right information experience not only supports a product but strengthens the company's brand. Andréa Egedal, Unit Manager for Product Information team at Sigma Technology

It’s not just the content that was created from scratch but the format as well. The digital user guide is found in the car as an Android app and puts the user’s needs first in terms of accessibility and UX. Being digital means that the information can be accessed in many ways, including a 360° model of the car, searching with keywords, and browsing a menu structure. The layout was tailored to the central display, focusing on using images and animations (something a traditional user guide can’t do).

The information is created and maintained in Sigma Technology’s own CCMS solution, DocFactory. Through DocFactory and its distribution platform Topicpack, the content is delivered to the Android in-car app. The digital information can be updated when needed, and with the cars being connected and receiving over-the-air updates, these updates will be seamlessly shown in the user guide in the car. The solution based on DocFactory as a development and delivery platform simplifies the work for the product information team, makes updates verification simpler, and enables Lynk & Co to distribute vehicle-specific information packages over the air worldwide.

The impending launch isn’t the first delivery date, but the brand’s fleet of test cars coming this autumn will feature a condensed digital user guide as well as the printed smaller user guide. Working from three countries to ensure flexibility and expertise for each area, Sigma has been able to deliver the user guide with a quality exceeding the original expectations.



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