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Transformation processes that drive digitization, bring about structural and organizational changes, or establish new forms of cooperation need transparency. Without transparency, it is difficult to achieve the goals associated with the establishment of new forms of organization – such as more speed, efficiency, and flexibility in the processes. In order to give employees in such a dynamic transformation process intuitive worldwide access to information about their colleagues across countries and organizations, we have implemented an application together with a customer. 

Many companies have recognized that they have to drive digital transformation forward in order to increase their performance and competitiveness and secure them in the long term. Not only the product and service portfolio is being rethought. A cultural and organizational change is often imminent in order to achieve more speed, efficiency, and flexibility in the processes. If new forms of collaboration are introduced, employees need tools that support them in an increasingly decentralized, cross-hierarchical, global, and digital collaboration. 

Single point of information

A very important building block in the context of a progressive organizational transformation is intuitive access for all employees to information about their colleagues – across organizations, locations, and countries. It not only ensures transparency but also enables the necessary high degree of networking of all teams in transformation processes.

The goal should be to create a single point of information with a uniform look and feel. The focus is on the equal representation of all employees with their roles and responsibilities. The development towards a new work organization, such as swarms, should also be mapped in a comprehensible manner. Julien Reinold, consultant at ETECTURE

Challenge solved in a user-centered manner 

For our customer, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, we have therefore implemented the TEAMS application together with their IT department. TEAMS stands for the transparent, uniform display of employee information and structures.

The application provides a broad base of information about every employee worldwide, across all hierarchical levels, all countries, and companies belonging to the group. The intuitive access to visually understandable information is crucial. It should be easy to find relevant information about colleagues and to get an idea of ​​them and their tasks. describes Julien Reinold, who has been involved in the project with us since the beginning

The starting point for TEAMS users usually is the search function that enables detailed and complex searches. The search can be started via persons, organizational units, swarms, committees, or group companies. In addition to personal contact details and areas of responsibility, additional information about possible participation in committees or swarms can be found. The embedding in the departmental, divisional and overall structure of the relevant group company also becomes clear through a visualization of the direct colleagues and superiors.

It was challenging to link the structural information with the personal information and at the same time map the dynamic swarms. Together, the project team succeeded very well in presenting the information for the users in a way that is easy to understand. Julien Reinold, consultant at ETECTURE

Even with extensive searches in several of the five search areas, you don’t lose track: When you return to a previously used tab, the information found there, which is available in German and English, is still displayed. Some of the personal data is maintained by each employee of our customers themselves, others come from a total of five other systems via interfaces developed by us. With a granularly adjustable rights management, it is possible to regulate who can edit and view which information. 

Depicting and supporting organizational change transparently 

The TEAMS application implemented in cooperation with our customer ensures transparency and a high degree of networking, which make successful cooperation possible in the first place. TEAMS maps the change within the dynamic organization. 

There is no standstill, together we keep enhancing TEAMS. At the moment, we are improving specific functions such as the search based on Elasticsearch. We make the search more flexible, ensure that the information is up-to-date down to the minute and make it easier to expand to other search areas. 

Our services in the project 

  • Professional conception in an agile project team with our customer and an external designer 
  • Technical conception 
  • Realization / programming 
  • Testing & quality assurance 
  • Roll out 
  • Maintenance & technical development 

Technologies used in the project 

  • React 
  • TypeScript
  • Java 
  • SpringBoot 
  • Kubernetes 
  • jOOQ 
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ 
  • Elasticsearch 
  • Redis 
  • Amazon S3 
  • OAuth2 


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