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Sigma Technology has been supporting Grundfos with product information consulting services since late 2020. We spoke with Mikkel Børlum Petersen, Senior Product Information Management at Grundfos in Hungary.

About the client

Grundfos is a global pump and water technology company headquartered in Denmark. The Product Information department has offices in Denmark, Germany, Hungary, China, and the USA, while Grundfos has a presence in 56 countries and production worldwide. Mikkel Børlum Petersen has been working at Grundfos for over nine years and, being a Senior Manager for Product Information Management (PIM), he is responsible for Grundfos’ Shared Service center in Hungary and is also responsible for all the partnerships within PIM.


Grundfos produces a lot of customized products to match customers’ needs, which creates challenges in managing product information. Creating master data to match generic product lines is not enough since the customers need to get specific information matching their exact product to get the right product experience. Grundfos strives to provide the exact documentation, and that’s where automatization comes in place.

We see an increasing need for user-specific information both when it comes to B2B and B2C sectors. We are now working vastly with systems adaptation and automatization for product information ensuring that we can present the right information to the users at the right time. We have set up different teams that work with new ways of communicating technical information. We see that to be flexible and scalable, we need to work closely with external suppliers, both to obtain the right capacity and get knowledge partners. Mikkel Børlum Petersen, Senior Product Information Management at Grundfos in Hungary

Our involvement

Today, Sigma Technology experts support the Grundfos team in different areas of PIM, including information migration, content creation, publication, and translation management services.

We value the transparency and honesty we have with the Sigma Technology team, as well as how adaptable they are with the cooperation setup. Today, we both have consultants who are embedded in our teams and an entire migration team.

The first cooperation project started in late 2020, a special time defined by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have worked remotely to some extent before, but the COVID-19 outbreak had, surely, increased and forced the change in traditional onsite assignments. We have found our cooperation to be smooth and transparent during this period, so feel more positive about working in distributed and remote teams further as well,” says Mikkel Børlum Petersen, Senior Product Information Management at Grundfos in Hungary.

Finalizing our conversation, Mikkel emphasizes the importance of being open and scalable to catch up with the rapid market development and the digital revolution.

We need to work in a more integrated way with our external partners and would like to see consulting suppliers not only as the way to increase the capacity but also get knowledge exchange and development.

We are proud to support Grundfos on their exciting journey of finding new ways to communicate technical information to end-users. Our team has over fifteen years of experience in managing, developing, and releasing technical documentation. Gabriella Alexi, Unit manager and Account manager for Grundfos at Sigma Technology Hungary

Gabriella Alexi

Unit manager at Sigma Technology Hungary