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product information in a smart way.

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Product information needs to be readily available and shared through multiple channels, such as web interfaces and mobile devices. It should be easy for the user to find relevant information quickly by search and navigation. Combined text, images and videos make a good user experience.

Our consultants can advise you regarding how to create and distribute your information.



Analyze what information the end user needs
Define the structure of the information
Design processes for optimal production and distribution
Find and implement technical solutions that fit your organization
We don’t compromise with our overall goal – To make technology usable!

We have more than fifteen years of experience of implementing information management solutions for companies such as Saab Kockums AB, IKEA, IST, Volvo, IV-produkt and Suunto.

DocFactory is an enterprise content management platform that allows you to fully manage any type of content, from simple office documents to images, XML, engineering drawings, and video files. Create your content using the markdown-based inline editor along with reusable information fragments managed in the resource center. DocFactory brings it all together.

DocFactory is designed to be highly flexible and scalable, making it a great solution for organizations of any size. DocFactory is fully hosted and managed, and delivered through the cloud to any device with a web browser.

DocFactory is the one integrated solution you need for the complete life cycle of your information. Collaborate securely with your teams and your customers using your desktop or your mobile devices. DocFactory is flexible enough to meet your demands now and in the future. It can be configured for your business processes, and customized for your specific business needs. DocFactory not only lets you create and manage your information in a single location, but also makes sure your information is always relevant, up-to-date, and easily accessible from anywhere.

DocFactory works on your computer, your mobile, and your tablet, anytime on any device. During your typical day, you might give updates, have discussions, and share files with your team or customers. With DocFactory, that all happens in one place, securely, and on any device you are using.



System, process, and information analysis

We have substantial experience working with information management and product information. We understand the concepts involved in these two areas, and we always look for a smarter solution.

We have developed a method for information analysis that we call SPI – System Process and Information. With the support of this method our consultant will help you to do a full review of your information needs.

Examples of questions that will be addressed during an analysis are:

Who are our users and how would they prefer to consume information?
How do you handle multiple languages in the translation process?
How could a topic-based approach improve your information?
What information should be available for the mobile user?

Our analysts are what you need when you want to see if systems, processes, or information can be improved.

The result of an information management analysis will be an executive report, which our consultant will present to you. If possible we visualize our proposal with a demonstration or prototype.

Web and mobile solutions for product information

Do you need a solution to distribute your product information on the web and mobile?

Take a look at our DocFactory platform.

If you prefer a simple web solution, we can help you to implement a website based on open source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. It could be a campaign site for your new product or a corporate web. Combined with our cost-effective SmartShore offer, we will have a solution up and running faster and at a lower cost than you expected.

Reference Cases

  • IST is the largest supplier of IT solutions for schools and preschools in the Nordic region. Sigma Technology provides IST with an outsourced function for creation and distribution of product information. Sigma’s DocFactory is used through the whole process.

  • Saab Kockums provides design, construction and in-service support for advanced naval systems such as surface combatants and submarines to the Swedish Armed Forces and other customers worldwide. Sigma Technology has delivered information management products and services to Saab Kockums AB since 2002.

  • IV Produkt is one of Scandinavia´s leading producers of cost efficient and environment-friendly air handling units. IV Produkt has chosen Sigma’s DocFactory for online distribution of all product information on web and tablets.

  • IKEA offers well-designed, functional home furnishing products. The IKEA Group, we have 315 stores in 27 countries. IKEA has chosen Sigma to provide services for information management of product requirements.


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