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As the number of women in tech conferences is rising, it is important for female tech experts to visit these events. Here, they can network with other professionals, learn about new technologies, and gain visibility for their work. At a time when the tech industry is fighting a diversity crisis, conferences provide an important opportunity for women to showcase their skills and expertise. By attending these events, female tech experts can help change the face of the industry and inspire other women to pursue careers in technology.

March was full of women-inspired events for us! Besides our pop up event with WiTech in Karlskrona, 15 colleagues from Sigma Technology Group visited the Women in Tech conference in Stockholm, the largest tech conference for women in the Nordics since 2014! Today, we talked with Ebba Andersson Nording, UX designer at Sigma Technology Cloud, and asked her to share her impressions about the conference.

Sigma Technology at women in tech conference

  • What was the overall purpose of visiting the event?

    Attending events like this serves as an opportunity to expand my knowledge, gain new insights and perspectives, and hear stories from people with different backgrounds. It allows me to learn from experts and leaders and exposes me to new trends and ideas that I can incorporate into my work. Networking with other attendees and hearing about their experiences can also provide valuable information and help me build professional relationships. Additionally, attending events like this can serve as a break from the day-to-day routine, allowing me to recharge and return to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

    Sigma Technology at Women in Technology Conference

  • Were there any keynote speakers or sessions that stood out to you?

    I have to say many of the keynotes were good, but two of them I found extra interesting. First, I’d like to acknowledge the focus session Unleash the Power of Data, about how to scale analytics and use data both when making business decisions as well as creating greater customer experiences – and how you can benefit from data literacy in your own career. Me as a UX designer, I see data as a powerful tool when it comes to making well-informed design decisions and keeping track of results.

    Another keynote that really stuck with me, from yet another trendy topic, Breathing life into AI: Designing Personality about digital humans, i.e., digital avatars with human-like expressions and the ability to have conversations. It’s not only interesting to see the field of AI moving forward but also to reflect on the challenges that come with using AI. The humans training the digital avatars are the ones who shape them, their mimics, and their responses. They have a great impact on how digital avatars function and how they’re perceived, and with that comes an ethical responsibility to avoid bias, amongst other things. Yet another reason why diversity is so important in tech, both to create a more equal industry and because of the impact digital products and services have on society.

  • Did you have any networking opportunities while at the conference?

    I wish I had the time to network more! The schedule was tight, and there were so many people. I was happy to meet more women from other parts of Sigma Technology and reconnect with old acquaintances, though!

  • What was the atmosphere like at the conference?

    The atmosphere at the conference was extremely positive, the same as the previous time! The environment was very welcoming and inclusive, with everyone encouraged to participate and contribute their ideas. The conference organizers did an excellent job of creating an environment that was both supportive and empowering, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among the attendees.

  • How do you think events like this can help address the gender gap in the tech industry?

    A lot. According to an article I read, only 9% of females have a female role model within tech, which is very low, in my opinion. This doesn’t seem to come from an uninterest in tech; moreover, it might be the industry itself that doesn’t attract enough women. Companies could take a larger role when it comes to highlighting females working in tech, with different roles and competencies. So, everything that could contribute, like WIT, is important. I also really hope that young girls get the opportunity to learn more about tech and that they feel that they can be a part of shaping the future of the industry.

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Ebba Andersson Nording

UX Designer at Sigma Technology Cloud

Contact: ebba.anderssonnording@sigmatechnology.se