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Discover how the strategic partnership between Sigma Technology and Actia Nordic paved the way for significant advancements in hardware design and industrialization. This customer story showcases the collaborative journey where our team helped with hardware design, industrialization, and production. 


About the client

Actia Nordic, is a technology leader in the field of connectivity. With over 30 years of experience, the company has been at the forefront of telematics innovation, revolutionizing how vehicles and various other devices are connected. Their expertise has resulted in the widespread adoption of their solutions, with more than 7 million units being utilized on a daily basis across 130 countries. While Actia Nordic has a strong heritage within the automotive industry, they have expanded their reach and now connect a diverse range of devices, including supercars and medical containers.



Our partnership with Actia Nordic is a long-standing collaboration that has spanned several years. Throughout this time, we have engaged in various activities, including providing consultant delivery services, delivering team solutions, and assisting with industrialization services. Together with Actia’s development team, we have achieved notable milestones and have established a strong foundation built on mutual trust, collaboration, and shared goals.


The challenge

The challenge during our joint efforts involved Actia Nordic’s strategic goal of transitioning to the sixth-generation platform (ACU6) concept. To achieve this, they sought a development partner with expertise in product development and industrialization that would complement the existing team. Sigma Technology stepped in and provided a dedicated hardware team that closely collaborated with Actia’s development team. The partnership expanded to include industrialization, development of test systems, installation, and support at Actias production lines in Mjärdevi.


Project scope

The project scope for the partnership between Sigma Technology and Actia Nordic involves advancing hardware development and industrialization for future platforms. This includes configuring and adapting existing platforms to meet Actia Nordic’s customer requirements.  

Sigma Technology appreciates the opportunity to support and collaborate with Actia Nordic in its mission to create environmentally friendly, secure, and interconnected customer products. Andreas Berggren, Responsible Manager of In-House Services at Sigma Technology Tech House, oversees this project. Andreas Berggren, Responsible Manager of In-House Services at Sigma Technology Tech House

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Andreas Berggren

VP and Responsible Manager of In-House Services at Sigma Technology Tech House

Contact: andreas.berggren@sigmatechnology.com