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One of the outcomes of global lockdowns and COVID-pandemic is the concept of Hybrid Working, where the notion of what is considered to be a preferable workspace has changed to include office, home, and non-office environments. According to the Universum’s Wellbeing at Work report, 78% of those surveyed would opt for hybrid work because of its positive impact on wellbeing. And thus, it becomes a requirement for employers to create a comfortable workspace and rebuild the time-honored conventions.  

Businesses and organizations face a growing challenge to make the interaction between office and home-based workers seamless, stress-free, and efficient. There are more meetings, digital interactions, and conversations than ever before, and creating an exceptional workspace experience for employees has become the priority. 

To contribute to emerging Hybrid Work technologies, we partnered with FlatFrog, an emerging digital whiteboard that aims to give its users feel-real collaborative experiences no matter where they are. 

Source: flatfrog.com 

FlatFrog provides a digital whiteboard that is simple to use, easy to get started, and that gives a natural interaction experience. FlatFrog has built an offline solution for their customers, and now they are moving towards cloud solutions. They are currently building a next-generation web application enabling users to interact with FlatFrog digital whiteboard.  

We have talked to Asjad Azeem, a Fullstack developer working on the project. 

FlatFrog is a leader when it comes to touch interfaces. The product enables easy collaboration for geographically distributed teams and organizations. The solution has constantly been developed and is very flexible since FlatFrog owns both software and hardware with innovative glass technology.

Asjad works as a Sigma Technology consultant on the FlatFrog team. 

Our task is to develop a web application that would ease the interaction and availability of the digital whiteboards. We achieved that by developing functionality that allows users to join the interactive space with zero efforts and integrate the board with leading communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams. Our successful cooperation relies on flexible setup where we work with FlatFrog as one team. What I like the most is that FlatFrog is open to improvement, and everyone takes responsibility of the product that allows us to deliver a great product experience. We don’t just think ideas in our mind, we draw them! Asjad Azeem, Full-stack developer at Sigma Technology

During the process, FlatFrog useswhiteboard for almost everything, from daily stand-ups to project planning, from brainstorming to retrospectives and follow-ups. This ensures that the team can test the product in real-time and spot the improvement areas.

Currently, the team continues working on several aspects of the digital whiteboard, mainly managing user management and overall user experience.

See the movie below to see how the product works.


Asjad Azeem

Full-stack developer at Sigma Technology with spot on web-solutions and love towards the look and feel of the product.

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