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Our achievements and highlights of the year

One more chapter of our story is coming to an end, and it is a perfect time to summarize the year before turning the page and preparing for the next exciting journey. The year occurred to be a fantastic period of substantial growth, transformative changes, and, of course, a warm meeting after the WFH year. In this article, we recalled the most exciting moments of 2021. We have featured the brightest highlights from 2021 and what we at Sigma Technology bring to a new year.

Business growth and recognition

We organize our operations to bring value to our customers in an effective, profitable, and sustainable way. This year was exceptional for both our customers and us. Sigma Family had grown substantially, breaking new ground and going above and beyond.

20% annual growth
We are proud to be a company featuring incredible flexibility and the ability to transform, responding to the world’s changes. This year, Sigma Technology featured 20% annual growth YoY. The plan for 2022 is ambitious, and we expect 20% growth over the next year as well.

Best managed company by Deloitte
We translate innovations into the customers’ daily business. An independent jury has selected 13 private companies in Sweden that received the recognition. In 2021, Sigma Technology was listed among Sweden’s Best Managed Companies three times in a row.

TOP 3 Best Employer in Sweden
2021 was the third year in a row when Sigma Technology Group became the TOP 3 among Sweden’s Best Employers. Making employment a superior experience is our continuous focus and top priority. This recognition aligns with our ambition to become Sweden’s leading technology consulting company where our people are in focus.

87,8% customer’s satisfaction
Each year we calculate a customer satisfaction score. Despite a sharp growth within the organization and a record number of projects, Sigma Technology Group has scored 87,7% of customers fully satisfied with the services provided.

4 000 000 hours spent on managed services
This year was exceptional since we had a record number of projects, 161 if to be more precise. In 2021 our experts spent 4 000 000 hours on digitalization and professional services for our clients!

Nine new companies within the organization
We don’t start companies. Good ideas start companies. So this year was fruitful as never before and brought nine new companies to our Sigma Family and expanded our presence in two countries – Norway and Germany. We are warmly welcoming new companies started in 2021:

  • Sigma Technology IT Infra
  • Sigma Technology Digital Solutions
  • Etecture GmbH
  • Sigma Technology Norway
  • Sigma Technology Digital & Cloud solutions
  • Sigma Technology Innovation
  • Sigma Technology Tech Network
  • Sigma Technology Origo
  • Sigma Technology Software Solutions

Besides, the existing companies expanded in new regions, we have launched offices in 10 new cities in total. So, this year we have continued our active growth that started in late 2020 with the establishment of two new companies, Sigma Technology Insight Solutions and Sigma Technology Transformation.

Expanding with new services
This year allowed us to grow not only quantitatively but qualitatively. Along with launching nine new companies, we have expanded the range of services. This year, we have strengthened our expertise within:

  • IT infrastructure development & DevOps
  • UI / web accessibility solutions
  • Cloud technologies & FinOps
  • Cyber- and information security
  • In-house services

DocFactory evolution
Sigma Technology’s product, DocFactory CMS, has already won trust and confidence among world-known brands, such as Lynk & Co, Suunto, OnRobot, and many others. This year, ​​the product team has formed a separate company, Sigma Technology Origo, and announced the release of Docfactory Aftermaster. This new platform aims to revolutionize enterprise content management and accelerate the move towards Industry 4.0 and Predictive Maintenance.

Gender equality in the workplace
At Sigma Technology, we strive to maintain a respectful environment where people are allowed to be who they are, and everyone is treated equally regardless of their background. These activities are guided by our long-term engagement and Equal Opportunities Policy. Our goal is to reach a higher proportion of women at the workplace than the number of women graduating from targeted education programs.
Sigma Technology works actively to be an attractive workplace for both men and women. In 2021, the gender proportion is 33% women and 67% men.
During the past year, Sigma Technology Group started three companies headed by female presidents (15% female presidents in 2021 vs 0% in 2016). In 2021, Sigma Technology Group has 30% female unit managers (compared with 18% in 2016).

Gender workplace

Our people

Over 150 new talents joined our company
This year was followed by considerable growth within the organization, and we were happy to welcome 150+ talents that have joined our Sigma Family in 2021. Our goal is to create 700 new jobs within three next years and have the brightest diamonds onboard.

Annaam Butt
Annaam Butt, Project Manager & Scrum Master at Sigma Technology Insight Solutions, became one of the finalists in the category Team Leader of the Year – Enterprise at the Women in Tech Excellence Awards.

Jimmy Dahlqvist
Jimmy Dahlqvist, Head of AWS Technologies at Sigma Technology Digital & Cloud Solutions, was listed among 200 World’s APN Ambassadors. This recognition involved an exceptional level of authority within a vibrant cloud community and shaped a landscape for testing the boldest ideas to innovate in the cloud in the coming year.

Ágnes Kovács L., and Zsófia Mura
Our colleagues, Ágnes Kovács L., and Zsófia Mura, have participated in workshops aiming to define problem areas within gender inequality, raise awareness of gender-based discrimination and show best practices on how to defeat it.

Rashin Kabodvand
Rashin Kabodvand, CEO at Sigma Technology Digital & Cloud Solutions, was featured in the list of future female leaders and ranked 14th place out of 75!

Annelie Mannerström
Annelie Mannerström took over the responsibility for quality management at Sigma Technology and will focus on the organization’s quality, information security, and environmental compliance. In addition, she will be responsible for improving the company’s processes, services, and culture.

Malin Hammarberg
Malin Hammarberg, Head of Accessibility and Usability at Sigma Technology Digital Solutions, joined our family in 2021. She provides solutions that respect the diversity of human experience and make the digital world accessible for every single one.

Malin Nordqvist
Malin Nordqvist is a UX Expert & Business Analyst Consultant at Sigma Technology Embedded Solutions. She performs as a role model for people who want to work in the IT sphere and hesitate to switch after years of working within other industries.

Tobias Eriksson
Tobias Eriksson started in 2021 as a Cyber and Information Security Director and Unit Manager at Sigma Technology Software Solutions. He is an industry-recognized expert holding a great variety of certifications and became the proud winner of McAfee Nordics EDR CTF in 2019. Tobias is also known as one of the best in the Nordics regarding solutions from McAfee and the top 5 in EMEA.

Our featured events & occasions

Sigma Technology Summit 2021
After one year of WFH, over 500 colleagues from Swedish offices gathered in beautiful Greece to spend time together for an inspirational conference, meetings, and team building! This was the first meeting of all teams after the pandemic.

Sigma Technology Hungary exceeded 200 employees
This year one of the companies within STG has exceeded 200 employees in headcount. In early 2017, they only reached 100 and grew up to 150 people in January 2021.

Information Talks
In 2021, Sigma Technology Information launched a professional talk show where experts in different areas and industries reflect on the status and the future of product information, content development, user experience, and other important topics.

AWS Partnership
In 2021 Sigma Technology announced joining AWS Partner Network with over 20 professional certifications proving its expertise in AWS-based solutions. Further partnerships are coming soon and will be announced in 2022!

Prism Award 2021
On November 12, the Prism Award program rewarded businesses and institutions that have emphasized building a strong coaching culture within their respective organizations. Sigma Technology Hungary was among the winners and became eligible to use “The Coaching-Mindset Company of the Year” title.

Sustainable initiatives

Sigma Technology regularly takes part in activities that contribute to a sustainable future by supporting innovation and development through education. We do that in close cooperation with universities by driving innovation through exchange programs and on a voluntary basis as teachers. We open up doors for students who want to learn about entrepreneurship or a specific industry or simply want to acquire a competitive skill in a certain area.


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Looking ahead

Sigma Technology Group continues taking part in the digital revolution, supporting people’s lives with the help of new technologies and techniques. We aim to maintain the status of one of the best employers in Sweden and Best Managed Company by Deloitte since it fully represents our vision of delivering superior value to customers, employees, owners, and society.

We foresee our further development in the IT sector with Cloud and FinTech solutions that we entered in 2020, along with software development, product information, embedded systems design & development, digital solutions, and IT infrastructure. Our goal is to establish the company as a TOP 3 IT service provider with stable growth >20% YoY.

In 2022, we will also continue the continuous improvement of our operations and sustainability performance. Sigma Technology contributes to sustainable development through community development, education and innovation, gender equality, diversity, responsible consumption, and business ethics. And these directions remain crucial for the next year.